ASUS VG248QE Black Friday Deals 2022

In This Post, You Are Going to Get The Best ASUS VG248QE Black Friday Deals 2022.

The Asus VG248QE is demonstrating that although 4K panels have started to take over the current market, the times of 3D tracks are not entirely behind us. And, together with Dark Friday and Cyber Monday deals beginning to pop up, they are definitely worth considering if you are wanting to save a little cash.

ASUS VG248QE Black Friday Deals

Even though We are definitely happy that track and TV makers have switched their efforts towards creating 4K screens — plus they are definitely making converts from most people, 3D screens are a few of the very useful screen techs we have ever needed. That has been exemplified from the Asus VG array of 144Hz tracks. The increased refresh speed necessary to Attain stereoscopic 3D Has caused some wonderful improvements in contemporary gaming screens. We are now becoming more precise color reproduction compared to the current TN panels, with much quicker response times, which may only be amazing for consumers who perform fast-paced games.

Layout and Characteristics

The VG248QE utilizes a layout very similar to its larger cousin, the Asus VG278HE. It sports lean gleaming black bezels, a shiny black cabinet, plus a fitting stand which is made up of a rounded base with a Lazy Susan swivel mechanism and a telescoping mounting arm that provides jet, height, and tilt adjustability. The foundation includes a 3D logo, suggesting the panel has been 3D prepared, however as with all the Asus VG278HE, the screen doesn’t arrive with all the Nvidia 3D Vision 2 kit required to see multi-dimensional content, even though you can pick up one online for about approximately.


You will find Six clearly tagged function buttons (such as the power button ) nestled under the lower bezel onto the ideal side. A number of the buttons behave as hotkeys for items like image presets as well as the GamePlus attribute, which delivers a match timer and an organizing range that will help zero in on your goals. All 3 video inputs are digital (HDMI, DisplayPort, dual-link DVI) and are situated at the back of the cabinet facing down. They’re joined through an audio input and a headset jack. There are not any USB ports with this particular model, nor will there be an analog video input signal or even a webcam. But, it will include a pair of embedded 2-watt speakers which are fairly loud but slightly tinny sounding.

As with Each Asus monitor I have reviewed in the last several decades, the VG248QE provides Splendid Technology, which is actually only a fancy title for film presets. This screen includes six presets, including Scenery, Standard, Theater, Game, sRGB, and Night View manners. Other image settings comprise Color, Contrast, Color Saturation, Skin Tone, and Color Temperature. There is also a Smart View setting that provides luminance for unwanted angle viewing, however, the perspective from the dead center is jeopardized when that setting has been enabled and so is best left handicapped.

Stereo VGs

Asus’s VG array of 3D displays have been strong performers, Offering the entire Nvidia 3D Vision two expertise, together with Lightboost technology to generate the top of this stereoscopic 3D’s many failings. Exterior the 3D Manners they are fantastic screens, offering a sleek desktop encounter using a top-of-the-range 144Hz refresh speed and that new twist on TN technologies. The Taiwanese Firm Continues to be smart in taking away the built-in IR receiver and booted 3D Vision goggles in the latest displays, like the VG278HE. Today you won’t wind up inadvertently firing up Skyrim using a hunk of plastic wrap for a face, filling your mind having blistering headaches.

Fortunately, it is cheaper at the moment. It is only a pity that This 24-inch variant is not all that more economical compared to the 27-inch version. We’re expecting the more compact size would signify a more budget-oriented entrance to the glorious fresh 144Hz entire world, but you are just saving. That said you’re still getting exactly the Identical native resolution, complete Tilt/rotation, a VESA-compatible rack, and fantastic picture quality, however, a surprise tag could have been fine. That is particularly true given that BenQ has really managed to perform using its XL2411T. It is almost cheaper compared to the 24-inch Asus display, and the sole difference we could make out is that panel has been ranked at 144Hz, rather than the 120Hz of this BenQ.

Many consumers will agree that a Good 120-144Hz screen is Fantastic For gambling, without forking out to an Nvidia 3D Vision package. Sure, the Asus has a few noteworthy display tech in its own track lineup, however, it requires to receive a whole lot more aggressive concerning pricing, provided that the value available from BenQ and Iiyama in the right time of the writing.


For a large part, the VG248QE is a good performer. Its color precision was not terrible but it was not ideal. As revealed from the chromaticity graph below, the 1920 x 1080 TN panel generated oversaturated greens, however, reds and blues were considerably nearer to their CIE (International Commission About Illumination) coordinates. Greens did seem to be somewhat hefty in my test pictures but not thick enough to induce tinting. The VG248QE managed to exhibit virtually every color of grey in the DisplayMate 64-Step Grayscale evaluation, but darks colors of grey could have been somewhat darker. There was a sign of clipping in the mild end of the climb, which isn’t unusual for a TN panel.

As is the case with the majority of TN tracks, the VG248QE has comparatively narrow viewing angles. There was a color-shifting at approximately 50-degrees from the center on both sides and the view in the base was dim. This becomes even more of a problem once the panel has been rotated along with the base angle becomes the side angle. The panel 1-millisecond pixel reaction and 144Hz refresh speed combined provide an exceptional gaming experience. There was no obvious lag or picture smearing whilst enjoying Burnout Paradise while attached to your PS3 console. Outcomes were similar whilst enjoying the PC-based Far Cry two and while viewing 2012 on blu-ray disk. Panning scenes were sharp and stutter-free. The VG248QE Utilized 25 watts of electricity during testing, and it can be akin to this BenQ XL2420TX (28 g ). Neither might touch the efficacy of this Viewsonic VG2437mc-LED( in Amazon), which utilized just 19 watts of electricity.

The Asus VG248QE is a competent 24-inch gaming monitor which uses 144Hz refresh technologies along with a quick 1-ms pixel reaction to supply smooth gameplay. Its viewing angle functionality comes up short and it lacks the equipment required for 3D gaming, however when smooth movement handling is essential, this monitor provides. Nevertheless, our current Editors’ Choice for midsize gaming screens, the BenQ XL2420TX, offers very superior motion functionality and features a great number of I/O interfaces plus a 3D Vision two kit, but it is going to cost you a few hundred bucks more.

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