AT-263 Black Friday Deals 2022

In This Post, You Are Going to Get The Best AT-263 Black Friday Deals 2022.

What Are Up men? Here is the opinion TV converter box for both antenna tv along with a personal video recorder. You May record that antenna sign this bundle I picked on Amazon I believe is roughly 40 bucks includes the antenna along with the converter box also.

AT-263 Black Friday Deals

What This converter box is. This is actually the 82 6-3 version they have an IAT I feel it is 163. Here is the upgraded version and I think that it came out and about 2016. I Could not locate any advice about this. I picked it up and that I believe I am going to do an overview and test it out. That is the front of the box appears like HDMI relations USB relations and it is a TV recorder fairly easily made in China simply looks like a few standard Chinese products. First Thing once we’re starting accordingly. This is a bundle again exactly what the antenna accordingly. That is our antenna seemingly it becomes around 25 miles array first off we’ve got an HDMI cable and AV cable for all those previous TVs may be the reason you have to buy one of them a TV remote to your apparatus and emphasize it doesn’t it is not a programmable remote. Even though You can’t hook up your TV for it I suppose then we’ve got our apparatus itself and a few guides.


I Do not believe we want the guides we are likely to consider the device. This can be on the newer upgraded version again and seemingly. This really is a whole lot smaller compared to the former generation. Again. Here is the newer version. Here is the front we have got our electricity button up down right and left we have got a USB interface to plug into a hard drive to capture things IR detector for the remote controller venting on top the rear here we’ve got some part cables AV cable coaxial for sound HDMI cable along with an antenna inside an antenna outside RF inside and out and to more venting at the base you can view this gadget is quite compact when compared with its prior generation let us see for a fast contrast I really don’t have a thing around except for my own iPhone.


It is roughly two and a half spans of an iPhone however you can see that is how big the iPhone and that is how big this opinion TV so. Here is the provided antenna it is a lean set you’re able to observe the antenna includes really thin it is possible to put this near a window some individuals simply stick it directly supporting their TV they simply mount it outside their TV and you can not really tell it is there it has got a cable dual-sided tape – I figure grip the cable to something if you are going for you know Hank place it there we are going to twist this along with the antenna includes a bracket.

This includes a suction cup bracket you can mount this to your own window and then that only attaches to your antenna I am like. You Can simply attach it to a window like this. Okay. Again We’re powering on the apparatus for the very first time very first thing we all examine it with is your setup manual and we’ve got our remote controller on we are from the USA and we are likely to utilize English to do a station search go right ahead and reach confirm and it is likely to search for all of the stations doing an automobile search only thing the reason I picked up this version to allow you guys understand is as it has the display on the front of I May see what station it is on and enjoy supply it scanning or anything like that there is a few models where it’s nothing there is no entrance.

I Like this version that the manual the menu manual only considering it the ribbon is. Alright, and it is far better than I thought it’d be that I thought it would be a great deal cheaper appearing less glossy but it’s fairly decent for approximately 40 bucks it seems pretty great to get 40 bucks.


We are Going to go right ahead and allow it to search for a few minutes and then we will find out exactly what it selects. All appropriate. It Looks like it is simply picked up all of the stations which is searched. That is. Channel To get a tiny pixelated I shall say I reside in a region where the antenna signal isn’t so powerful and. With The antenna which has been supplied the very small you understand 25 variety antenna, I could see why the grade isn’t so great with regards to letting’s find out just how I get rid of the menu. Alright, it seems like it simply goes off after a little bit concerning image quality that this thing seems very sharp it looks quite good really with this screen I believe this gets around 1080p.

This Looks great now the image quality on here view we receive the quantity you can scroll husband moved in and the manual it seems fairly great for twenty dollars um it will fairly well. In terms of high quality, you are seeing that I am receiving these no signs. That really is selecting more TV stations than that which my TV would ordinarily for the place I reside in and using a more compact antenna which I really utilize um you know I am not becoming like some other stations here but it is a fantastic amount it is very similar.

I Do not doubt I simply hit mute I do not doubt the mic quality is poor on here it is actually quite good for what I have been picking up this. Now let us try the recording capabilities let us only hit the list. Alright, it states no dis detected I believed that could occur. This really is a flash drive I’ve simply to try it out it is a 32 gig flash drive operating USB 3.0 and let us hit on this menu simply to find out what happens. We have Got app we could configure the image search for stations put the time choices platform and I suppose we can see the contents are to our flash drive we could um.

Let us Exit from this real fast not entirely but let us return to the menu and then return to flash drive PVR is a private video recorder and then configure listing apparatus and. That is really where we are going to configure our documenting our to wherever our apparatus is time change I am not really certain what that’s appropriate now um once I figure out that I will set it in the graphs again. That is my very first time playing around on this.

Let us Just hit list real fast and it seems it is recording I feel it is recording signaled via this top that’s I presume assume we see but it’s yellow blinking and the amount and after that let’s just hit quit would you like to quit recording strike. Alright, for yes timid and it is finished recording. I Believe to return to the playback we all go to the menu let us try out this USB. There is a purpose for hitting on USB and hit USB and hit on PVR and it has got us it is an HB PVR move right ahead and hit pick and it would be I feel that the very first one and that is exactly what we just listed your time to replenish it after which we hold preview fine we will need to visit complete display allow me to take out their view to think this one that is our documenting first Yuma.

Very Cool it has finished let us see if I could do an automobile recording that I am unsure about let us see. At That time it’s chosen the wrong person we have to become. I am Heading to mute it and then we are going to see when I could do automobile recording let us do how can I reach the manual. I Struck EPG here and that I think. Here is the manual and we could hit on it and we could set it to list at 6:00 nicely will be 16 will be 6 that is 12 4:30 and it finishes in 5 we could have it replicate every day once per week and only get it listing have it that the station number so thank essentially you need to determine if your app is forthcoming on exactly what time and what station you place it what day that I mean exactly what station number the date launch time and period if you would like it to record weekly or daily or something then that is it and you then hit OK to validate and that’s in your standing to be listed.

That Is pretty much it to your whole inspection I really really enjoy this apparatus for 40 bucks it really works well let us um you understand the antenna that I mean Paradoxically the distant functions well the image quality is nicely the tuner is Obtained a fantastic built-in tuner I think and it has got this display where I could alter The stations up and down right on the apparatus also so. This really is a Wonderful feature To get in the event you understand the distance I can not locate it for a reason but anyways I give this a thumbs up in case you found this video useful go ahead and provide this Movie a thumbs up too if you guys wish to test out this it had been it connection the Description as consistently though subscribe to my own station to get more information that I will See you guys within another movie and thank you guys for viewing.

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