Dr. J Professional 2800 Black Friday Deals 2022

In This Post, You Are Going to Get The Best Dr. J Professional 2800 Black Friday Deals 2022.

About 25 Years Back, my Faculty Fraternity will rent a projector for your weekend to sponsor”Drive-In” film nights. We’d hang bedsheets around the face of the home and job romcoms such as”Something About Mary” to your official date part of the weekend. Then we would display”Animal House” if the dateless brothers got around with the projector. I am ashamed to mention the authorities arrived in the home when less brewed movies finally made their way into the 300″ display.

Dr. J Professional 2800 Black Friday Deals

Back then it cost going to lease a projector to your weekend on Top of this deposit that someone needed to develop in their charge card. In the event the bulb burnt out; then we had been out of luck as no one has been ready to fork up a couple of hundred dollars to replace this bulb.

Now, you can have a projector for under the Price of a Replacement bulb back afterward. There is a ton of fundamental, or will I say economical, projectors offered for under. Despite advertisements HD or even 1080 resolution; the majority of these projectors are 640×480. In addition to this, their bulbs only are not smart enough to work much farther than many toes unless the area is pitch black. Even the Dr. J Professional AK-40 wifi projector provides authentic 1920×1080 resolution using a said 7500 lumens of casting electricity to get a penny shy of 200.


From the box, you still receive the Projector, remote, AV cable, sound cable, and lens cleaning kit, and a 100″ fabric display with hooks. Normal user guide, guarantee, and tips to get an overview. The Dr. J Professional AK-40 is molded right into a similar bundle to People from 25 decades back. It is not enormous, but it is certainly not pocketable or really mobile for that issue. In 12.5″x9.25″x4.5″ and weighing approximately 3.5 pounds, you are unlikely to take any farther than your garden.

The cap of the projector includes guide dials to get attention along with keystone correction. Pro-tip from reading other reviews, the lens cap is shining into the system of this projector and can be just readily eliminated by turning the attention adapt ring to expose the border of this cover. Together with the vulnerable dials, you will find eight buttons ordered in adjoining up/down/left/appropriate configurations with the perfect side including an excess center button.

Dr. J Professional 2800

The Ideal side buttons are for navigation of this menu also as “enter/select” at the middle. While enjoying the left/right buttons behave as quantity down/up, respectively. The majority of this projector includes VGA, 2x USB, HDMI, and also SD Card enter. There are 3.5millimeter AV and sound only outputs too.

The base features one thumbscrew foot situated front center For height adjustments along with a trapdoor for cleanup of the light source and interior lenses. Originally, I did not observe any type of regular mounting holes on the occasion that you would like to semi-permanently bracket this into your house entertainment room. Although I haven’t confirmed, you will find screw holes to get a universal projector bracket situated underneath the rubber feet based on Amazon reviews.


Putting up the Dr. J Professional AK-40 is a simple affair. Plugin the power cable and power the device on. From that point, it is possible to scan for WiFi and enter a password. It connected readily and seemed to have powerful connectivity. Employing the iOS throw feature, I managed to mirror my own iPhone’s Display with no matter at all. Playing YouTube videos seemed to function without difficulty. Trying to throw Hulu; nevertheless, led to timeouts or error messages saying to test network connectivity. I tried to troubleshoot by moving the projector closer into your WiFi access point with no chance. On to plan B.

I put a Google Chromecast apparatus by plugging into the HDMI Input and hammering it by using one of those USB ports in the Dr. J projector. This setup worked perfectly. I managed to flow YouTube, Hulu, also Netflix with no difficulties. The projection is amazingly excellent. I wrapped the comprised 100″ display flat on An unpainted wall also managed to fill the framework out of just about 9 feet off. I managed to observe that the projected video rather clearly using a 75W equal LED bulb light. Together with all the light turned away, my basement exercise area was transformed into a house theater! I managed to concentrate the whole picture, unlike other funding projectors I have utilized where the outer borders appeared out of attention. Keystone correction is restricted to vertical correction just but can also be powerful provided that you’ve got the projector pointing straight vertical to the projection surface.

Framerate online is more than sufficient for casual film viewing. I am guessing it might reveal lag if viewing activity sports or gambling but that isn’t the target market with this particular projector. I was Not Able to Discover any detail about the speaker and sound output Nonetheless, it’s even more than sufficient for indoor projection. I am guessing you’ll want to enhance the sound if utilizing outside or more heavy environments.


I reached out to Dr. J’s Technical support and in a single day got a reply about my inability to play with video utilizing display throw. Figuring out the attribute and operation works but specific programs like Hulu and Netflix do not allow casting to the gadget. I am guessing it’s to do with licensing charges or anti-piracy characteristics absent in this particular implementation of iOS cast. That is easily overcome by employing a Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire Stick because Dr. J’s technical assistance suggested. It kind of defeats the purpose of owning a WiFi-enabled projector but it is a little criticism given that the projector’s additional strengths in the purchase price point.

Due to Covid quarantining during 2020, I really invested In a Nebula Mars II projector. Despite breaking more than 2.5X over the Dr. J Professional AK-40; the Mars II has reduced resolution (720) and reduced brightness. I would also state that the Dr. J projector has louder and better sound when compared with the Mars II 10W speaker. I am looking forward to hosting movie nights in the backyard This summertime and we might have the ability to begin them a bit earlier due to the Additional projection electricity that the Dr. J projector supplies.

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