HTC Desire Eye E1 Black Friday Deals 2022

In This Post, You Are Going to Get The Best HTC Desire Eye E1 Black Friday Deals 2022.

There are Not that many Mobiles that focus on the front-facing camera. Most have you to take care of the odd movie call, but maybe not much else. All that has changed over the last couple of years with the increase in popularity of this selfie. Some producers have enhanced their entrance-facing cameras to cater to the expanding minority. Nobody has gone to the lengths HTC has the Desire EYE, however. There is a 13-megapixel camera around the trunk — so much so ordinary. There is also a 13-megapixel camera around the front — that this telephone includes stellar selfie credentials.

HTC Desire Eye E1 Black Friday Deals

The HTC Desire EYE is not a one-trick pony. Having a quadcore Snapdragon 801 chip, 2GB RAM, a 5.2-inch full-HD IPS display, and water resistance this is much more than only a telephone for its selfie generation. In reality that is a handset that could square up to many flagships on the market. Additionally, it usually means the HTC Wish EYE has become easily the priciest Wish telephone in HTC’s range, however, in this instance the excess cost is worth it.


Forget the metal body of this HTC 1 M8, the Wish EYE goes for plastic all the way. That is not to knock that, though. HTC’s discovered a method of producing two tones of vinyl from one slice. The Wish EYE includes a crisp line identifying the unibody back out of its sides. It is seamless and provides the EYE a brand new and amazing appearance. The polycarbonate feels exceptional, also. A minor soft-touch finish provides some warmth and grip without feeling at all tacky and means it is also hardwearing. In the weeks we have experienced the Desire EYE within our pocket along with additional metal, telephones it has not gotten marked only one piece.

HTC Desire Eye E1

Much like soft-touch plastic Plastic, the HTC does appear greasy finger marks over the usual metallic telephone does. Since the plastic is somewhat tougher than the likes of this Nexus 5, it does so to a lesser level. The button rankings are less Of a success. The energy, volume rocker, and committed camera switches feel flimsy and nearly flush with the body. Pressing them does not inspire optimism and they are catchy to use by feel alone. We found ourselves assessing the display to be certain that a button press had the desirable result. It is a shame and also the sole build excellent issue we found on what’s otherwise a well-made mobile. There is a reason for all these Seals, and why the switches are so obscure. The HTC Desire EYE is water-resistant for half an hour up to 1m of the wet material, which makes this kind of telephone you may enjoy along with your own rubber ducky come tub time.

HTC’s handled this with no bothersome flaps discovered on the likes Of those Samsung Galaxy S5 or Sony Xperia Z3. Both the micro USB and 3.5millimeter headphone jack are water-resistant without having a cover. It is a far more straightforward solution that we expect to watch on more mobiles in the long run. The Wish EYE is a couple to use and does not include any Clever inventions to make life simpler. The LG G3 has nifty back buttons, whereas the iPhone 6 Plus drops what is on the display, when requested, to make it a lot easier to utilize one-handed.


The 5.2-inch screen on the Wish EYE is equally bright and vibrant. It does not possess the pixel-packing art of this LG G3’s or Galaxy Notice 4’s QHD display, but the 1080p resolution is eloquent enough for all but the funniest pixel peepers. Text appears crisp and clear — that the huge screen is a joy to use for surfing the internet or reading an eBook.Top-level brightness is strong, too. In reality that the HTC Desire EYE is a bit brighter than the HTC One M8, which makes it a fantastic phone to use outdoors on sunny days. The IPS display also participates in Concerning color. Icons pop off the display and the movie looks terrific.


HTC cares about the noise you Can get out of your telephone as well as the Boomsound speakers onto the Wish EYE are a few of the best we have ever tried. Cleverly hidden only above and below the display, they supply strong stereo separation. Peak levels are loud enough to appreciate the company, and also the Quality is far better than speakers on more costly phones like the iPhone 6 or Galaxy S5. There is hardly any distortion and tons of detail to select out. With speakers that little you Can not expect a lot of low-end, but there is enough bass to delight in an action film or your favorite TV series.

Specifications and applications

HTC does not jump on the hardware within the Desire Eye. It’s a 2.3GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 SoC having an Adreno 330 GPU. There’s 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. The Desire Eye takes microSD cards up to 128GB in power. The Same as the shooter on the front, the back camera includes a 13-megapixel detector along with a dual-LED flash. Both have BSI detectors but the front camera includes an f/2.2 aperture and 22mm wide-angle lens, whereas the principal camera has a far greater f/2.0 aperture along with a lower 28mm wide-angle lens. The Desire Eye includes a whole lot of connectivity options such as Bluetooth v4.0, NFC, and Wi-Fi a/b/g/n. It may connect to 4G networks around the bands utilized by Indian telcos.


to start with, we’re thankful that HTC chose to proceed with a physical camera to the camera – a rarity nowadays. Unfortunately, utilizing the camera locks the autofocus. The default camera program alone is quite user-friendly and contains a few nifty features, from 360-degree panoramas into some Split Capture mode. Some of the interesting filters and manners are found in the photo Booth’ part of this camera program.

There’s an HDR style that works with both the front and the back cameras. The front camera requires HDR very badly since we noticed lots of blown-out highlights which would otherwise have destroyed a lot of shots. HDR gets the cam slow down but it’s well worth the tradeoff. Colors seemed lively and HTC’s applications algorithms decrease blemishes from the face. HTC provides a slider that you may use to climb from organic selfie shots to radically”beautified” ones which make you seem like a caricature. Selfie fans will surely find that camera good under good light conditions, it falters in reduced light. Our recorded shots lacked particulars and were full of sound. Happily front flash is not blinding even when shooting photographs at just an arm’s length.


Because of the price, the HTC Desire Eye packs a punch and it reveals. We discovered some really zippy performance and the telephone did not break a sweat in almost any activity we threw at it. The telephone scored 42,867 and 22,871 points in AnTuTu and Quadrant respectively. The Desire Eye additionally scored 25fps and 16,500 at GFXBench and 3DMark’s Ice Storm Limitless test. These numbers are good and suggest that there is more than sufficient electricity for daily use. The Desire Eye additionally played our greatly encoded videos.

The BoomSound speakers are not as loud as those we Experienced about the HTC One (M8) but are still fairly loud to get a smartphone. In-call audio quality is superb also. When we had one criticism it would be using the battery life of this phone. Within our movie loop evaluation, the phone lasted just 7 hours and 37 minutes, which isn’t good compared to the competition. The Qualcomm chip’s QuickCharge 2.0 feature consequently is useful.

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