QKK Mini Projector Black Friday Deals 2022

In This Post, You Are Going to Get The Best QKK Mini Projector Black Friday Deals 2022.

The QKK Mini Projector is a budget projector that could look respectable based on its spec sheet, but the fact is this projector simply isn’t worth it.

QKK Mini Projector Black Friday Deals

In any type of category of electronic devices, you will certainly always find budget-minded choices that get the job done without breaking the financial institution. Sure, it frequently suggests you’re missing out on a feature or function, yet typically talking, it still tends to be a useful item worth getting if the price is the most vital factor.
For my newest testimonial, I’m taking one such item for a spin to see if it handles to supply a good value– the QKK Mini Projector. I have actually spent more than 2 weeks evaluating this projector with about 40 hours in total took into testing nearly every detail I found. Below are my thoughts, summed up in different areas referring to major features and requirements, as well as contrasted versus the gadgets on our best projectors listing.


The QKK Mini Projector resembles pretty much any kind of another projector you’ll locate on the market. It features a rectangular style with a countered lens, a grill around the edge for air conditioning, inputs on the back for playing media, as well as a couple of buttons as well as changes on the leading to tweak the picture.

QKK Mini Projector
The projector is incredibly small, determining just 9.5 x 9.3 x 4.2 inches (WDH) and considering simply 3 pounds. This small type element makes it great for putting in a backpack or carry-on luggage if you prepare to travel around with it, however as the remainder of the review vouches for, it’s probably unworthy doing so.

Arrangement Process

Setting up the W100 is as easy as taking it out of the package, installing the included battery, and transforming the gadget on. As soon as switched on, it’ll ask you to input the day (for the objective of adding it to the metadata embedded within pictures recorded with the W100), as well as soon as it’s set you’re ready to begin shooting as soon as you install a compatible SD card.

Picture High quality

Projectors are a tricky beast when it involves contrasting one to one more. Even if the specification sheets are identical theoretically, the resulting photo from 2 similar projectors will likely produce really different results relying on the high quality of parts made use of. This precise scenario is what I encountered when taking a look at the QKK Mini Projector on paper versus placing it to the test in real-world circumstances. Q is likewise really deceptive with its product listing as well as specs.

To initially resolve the misleading claims, QKK marks really proudly in the item name on Amazon.com that it’s Mini Projector sustains 1080p video. This not just makes the product appear when you search for ‘1080p projectors’ however likewise recommend it is indeed a 1080p projector. Also in the bullet points beneath the product name on Amazon.com, QKK states the projector ‘supports 1920×1080 resolution,’ another statement that indicates this is a 1080p projector. It’s not until you dig with the message midway down the Amazon listing that you find the projector includes a native resolution of simply 800×480 pixels.

That is, the real resolution of the projector is half that of the 1080p resolution that it technically sustains. It is misdirecting at finest and incorrect promotion at worst, but the phrase ‘support’ most likely keeps QKK out of the warm water of false marketing. Simply put, you can connect a 1080p video source right into the projector, however, it will just forecast that 1080p signal at 480p.

Keeping that out of the way, let’s go on to the various other specifications. According to QKK, its Mini Projector includes a 2,000:1 contrast ratio, a 16:9 facet ratio, as well as a 2,200-lumen maximum brightness. The projector is, according to QKK, capable of outputting a 170-inch estimate from five meters away and also includes numerous inputs on the back of the device for linking computers, tablet computers, DVD players, video game consoles, SD cards, as well as more. Not taking into account the indigenous resolution, the various other specifications are suitable, specifically for the cost point. But as our tests confirmed, it appears as though these specifications additionally fall short of what QKK suggests.

To see how well the QKK Mini Projector was executed, I tested it on a 100-inch Silver Ticket 16:9 projector screen in a variety of illumination circumstances. I started with ambient light in the kind of natural, indirect light coming via a window and likewise checked the image top quality with a little lamplight in the rear of the area. With the all-natural light, the photo was barely noticeable to the point I wasn’t able to also browse the food selection with the included remote. It was partially much better when it was simply the light, yet I still struggled to browse the menu, not to mention view a video or effort to play a game.

It wasn’t up until I cut every one of the lights in the area as well as had it pitch black that I was able to conveniently navigate the menu of the projector and at the very least see my video clip resource with some quality. Also then, the image top quality was unexciting. The combination of the reduced light result and reduced native resolution implied even the brightest scenes in videos were washed out in a pitch-black area as well as the pixels were big sufficient to see on the display when resting 8 feet away.

I even attempted to check the color reproduction of the projector with a DataColor SpyderX Elite calibration device and also when trying to adjust in a flawlessly dark room, the calibration software told me it was incapable to run the analysis because of not enough light output.

It can take place, however, the truth is, this projector fails to meet its requirements. There are a couple of environments where you will get a clear image as well as also in the most effective situations, the video clip quality isn’t worth the inconvenience of setting it up.

Audio Quality

The QKK Mini Projector has a 5W interior speaker. Similar to the picture top quality, the sound quality of the projector leaves much to be desired. The bass is suitable for such a little gadget, yet the mid tones are jumbled and also the highs are noticeably pressed. Thankfully, QKK has actually consisted of a 3.5 mm audio output so you can plug in the speakers of your finding.

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