Wemo Light Switch Black Friday Deals 2022

In This Post, You Are Going to Get The Best Wemo Light Switch Black Friday Deals 2022.

If you are Itching to dip your toe to the house automation oceans, but are not really ready to leap with both feet, Belkin’s WeMo lineup is a fantastic place to get started.

Wemo Light Switch Black Friday Deals

The WeMo Light Switch links into a Wi-Fi system and may be controlled with a smartphone or tablet computer and an accompanying program. Setup is fast and relatively simple if you’ve ever changed a light change, and putting up everything is a cinch. At (guide ), that is a somewhat pricey light change, but it functions as advertised, and can be enjoyable to use. What is missing? It does not provide dimming capabilities and can not be manipulated from the Windows PC.


The WeMo looks just like a normal paddle light change, save to get a spoonful on the indicator in the base of the rocker paddle. The module includes a shiny white plastic end and measures 4.13 inches higher by 1.69 inches broad by 1.31 inches deep. From the box, there is a plastic faceplate, four cable nuts, and two mounting screws, and a setup manual.

Wemo Light Switch

In the back Of the module are just two black button wires white neutral wire, along with a green ground cable. On the front edge, beneath the rocker panel, both are both Wi-Fi Reset and Power Restart buttons, that can be used for firmware updates or to reconnect with your smartphone in case your link is lost. A small Wi-Fi index tells you that you have created a connection for a router and there is a dim nightlight that can help you to obtain the change in the dark.

Setup, Installation, and Performance

In case you are not comfortable working with your house’s electrical wiring, then you may want to have a look at the Belkin WeMo Shift + Motion we analyzed earlier this season, which functions equally but plugs right into a present outlet to control many devices. Having said this, that the WeMo Light Switch is quite straightforward to set up, and Belkin provides a few installment videos which walk you through the procedure, such as what cables to start looking for and just how to shut down power to the circuit you’re going to be operating on. The WeMo is one pole switch, so it will not work with lights that are controlled by numerous buttons. And, like stated, there is no counter-intuitive here. Be certain that you look at the Wi-Fi sign in the place of the change with your smartphone: you ought to have two pubs to your WeMo to operate properly.

I started the Installment by shutting off the circuit breaker to the light the WeMo will be controlling and eliminating the present change’s faceplate. I then unscrewed the change and pulled it out of the wall socket. I have got a normal home wiring setup with reddish live wires, black loading wires (that Belkin describes as switch cables ), along a white neutral wire. I introduced the WeMo switch precisely the way the first change was wired, reddish (life) into WeMo black, black (load) into WeMo black, black, and white (neutral) into WeMo white. This is precisely the way the instructions are composed. I wrapped the WeMo’s green cable to the wall box, then capped off all cable connections using the supplied wire nuts, then wrapped them into the electrical tape, and then tucked each the wiring back in the box (be certain that you push the cables as far back to the box as you can to leave space for your change ). Eventually, I procured the switch into the box with both included mounting screws, then snapped onto the faceplate, and then restored power to the circuit. The whole procedure took less than five seconds. You are able to use your very own decorative faceplate but be certain that it doesn’t use any alloy, as it might interfere with the WeMo’s Wi-Fi transmissions.

I discovered the WeMo program in the iOS App Store and set up it In my iPod touchscreen. After we reviewed the Shift + Motion back in March it just worked with iOS apparatus, but all WeMo lighting products utilize tablets and phones conducting Android 4.0 or greater too. If you would like to command the WeMo in the desktop or notebook PC, you are out of luck now, there is now no Windows program.

After the easy instructions in the program, I moved into some iPod’s Wi-Fi configurations and connected to this WeMo SSID. ThenI began the WeMo program and attached it to some router SSID if prompted. Choosing’Remote Access Enabled’ enables you to command the WeMo out of the device when you are away. As soon as you’re connected to an own Wi-Fi router, then you can name the change and see your preferences.

The WeMo’s Controls are easy and straightforward. It’s possible to turn the light off or on with the program’s On/Off button, or you may make a set of principles to flip the light off or on at a particular time of day. In case you have place services enabled in your own device, you may place the lighting to change on at sunset and then turn away at dawn, or even vice versa. The Light Switch additionally works together with other WeMo devices including WeMo Motion (a Wi-Fi movement sensor). Obviously, you may always utilize the WeMo as a conventional change by pressing on the rocker panel.

If You Desire To get a little fun with all the WeMo you can utilize IFTTT (Should This Afterward ) recipes to produce the lights that come on and proceed based on specific occasions, or activates. Just choose IFTTT in the menu to Create an activation PIN. You may make your own recipe or utilize one of many shared recipes which other WeMo consumers have generated. By way of example, you are able to have the light come on each time you get or start an email address, or state, as it rains. 1 recipe utilizes ESPN to change the lights on if your favorite team begins a match, and yet another to correct the lights in line with the fluctuations in the stock exchange.

I adhered to The fundamentals in analyzing, and also the WeMo followed my own sunrise/sunset principles without skipping a beat. I wrote a habit IFTTT recipe which was the light come on when the temperature outside fell under 47 degrees, and it worked without a hitch. The change reacted quickly to easy on and off controls, along with the program exhibited none of this buggy behavior we watched with the Change + Motion.


The Belkin WeMo Light Switch makes it Simple to control Your House lighting from Anywhere with your house Wi-Fi system and a cellular device. It is a bit pricey And does not provide dimming, but it is going to get you to the house automation match Without needing to spend a small fortune on additional elements. And it functions like A charm. The only thing missing would be a program that lets you command the WeMo out of a PC.

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